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By having voters rank candidates, DemoChoice produces:
  • Satisfactory representation for everyone
  • Majority rule
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  • 3 levels of security
    - for open web polls or private group elections
  • Multiple-question polls
  • Show results in real time or after polls close
  • Several ballot and results page styles

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Cutest San Francisco Zoo animal Vote Bars
Cutest Oakland Zoo animal Vote Bars
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Cutest Oakland Zoo animal
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What's hot:
San Francisco and several cities in Alameda County, California use ranked-choice voting. Here is a summary of results of each election.
Try a complete ranked-choice version of California's November 2006 election or British Columbia's 2013 election.
An interface is available for web-enabled mobile devices.
An experimental version of DemoChoice builds on the Warren method (a version of Meek with less ballot fragmentation) but counts more votes for winners by recasting exhausted ballots and is made hand-countable by keeping ballot fractions as large as possible.

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