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ASUCD Winter 2005 Senate Election
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8 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Andrew Wong
[add/drop] Kale Jenks
[add/drop] Avanindar Avi Singh
[add/drop] Teresa Kenny
[add/drop] Ann Marie Sanchez
[add/drop] Justin Hourany
[add/drop] Chad Reverend VanSchoelandt
[add/drop] Mohammad Yahya Rouhani
[add/drop] Kristen Birdsall
[add/drop] Arsen Ari Kalfayan
[add/drop] Pedro Hernandez
[add/drop] Devin Whitney
[add/drop] Behzad Farahbakhsh
[add/drop] Eric Fox
[add/drop] Kyle Keene
[add/drop] Jonathon Leathers
[add/drop] Kai Savaree-Ruess
[add/drop] Ami Vora
[add/drop] Cindy Yu
[add/drop] Paul Ivanov
[add/drop] Robert Roy
[add/drop] Nadeah Vali
[add/drop] Gemma Jimenez
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