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Assembly members from Oakland and Contra Costa (District 15)
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5 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Edward Ytuarte, Radio Producer (Peace and Freedom)
[add/drop] Jill Buck, Nonprofit Executive Director (Republican)
[add/drop] Guy Houston, Businessman/State Legislator (Republican)
[add/drop] Leigh Wolf, Computer Technician (Republican)
[add/drop] Arne Simonsen, Antioch City Council Member (Republican)
[add/drop] Mark DeSaulnier, Contra Costa County Supervisor (Democratic)
[add/drop] Loni Hancock, Incumbent (Democratic)
[add/drop] Sandre Swanson, Trustee, Pension Fund (Democratic)
[add/drop] Mary Hayashi, Registered Nursing Boardmember (Democratic)
[add/drop] Terrence Coleman, Consumer Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] Cory Nott, Computer Programmer (Libertarian)
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