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SWBF3 Game Mode and Features
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12 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Starfighter Assault
[add/drop] Ability to enter & exit vehicles/turrets which spawn on map
[add/drop] Prioritize Impriving AI in bots
[add/drop] Deathstar I Trench Run
[add/drop] Galactic Conquest
[add/drop] Heroes & Villains have the option to spawn their own starfighters in large scale modes
[add/drop] Supremacy
[add/drop] Jetpack Cargo
[add/drop] Pilot Class for all factions
[add/drop] Extraction
[add/drop] Prioritize HUD Improvements
[add/drop] Hero Hunt
[add/drop] Splitscreen
[add/drop] Heroes & Villains Battle Royale
[add/drop] Hunt (Ewoks, Wampas, Geonosians, Tuskens, etc)
[add/drop] Classic Conquest
[add/drop] Instant Action
[add/drop] Starfighter Heroes vs Villains
[add/drop] Medic Class for all factions
[add/drop] Co-Op
[add/drop] Team Deathmatch
[add/drop] Introduce Secondary Weapons
[add/drop] Destructible Environments
[add/drop] Increase Weapons Attachments Options
[add/drop] Order 66 Mode
[add/drop] Prioritize Releasing New Gear & Equipment for Troopers
[add/drop] Toggleable Cosmetic Accessories
[add/drop] Heroes vs Villains
[add/drop] Engineer Class for all factions
[add/drop] Blast
[add/drop] Dropzone
[add/drop] Certain maps feature hostile third party factions or monsters
[add/drop] Galactic Assault
[add/drop] Walker Assault
[add/drop] Duel
[add/drop] Trooper Battle Royale
[add/drop] Ground to Space Combat
[add/drop] Private Servers
[add/drop] Multiseat Vehicles
[add/drop] Prioritize Releasing New Weapons for Troopers
[add/drop] Implement Iron Sights
[add/drop] Incendiary Class for all factions
[add/drop] Prioritize Regular Release of New Skins & Outfits
[add/drop] Droid Run
[add/drop] 64 vs 64 Players
[add/drop] Each map randomly varies time of day
[add/drop] Bring Back Hutt Contracts
[add/drop] Survival Mode
[add/drop] Hero Showdown
[add/drop] Each map randomly varies weather
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