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Sequel Trilogy Era and Capital Ship Locations
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12 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Ajan Kloss
[add/drop] Jakku: Niima Outpost
[add/drop] Grand Admiral Thrawn's Chimaera Capital Ship
[add/drop] Endor's Ocean Moon of Kef Bir
[add/drop] Hosnian Prime
[add/drop] Grand Moff Tarkin's Executrix Capital Ship
[add/drop] Ahch-To
[add/drop] General Grievous's Malevolence Capital Ship
[add/drop] Canto Bight
[add/drop] The Colossus
[add/drop] General Hux's Finalizer Capital Ship
[add/drop] Starkiller Base
[add/drop] Jakku: Graveyard of Giants
[add/drop] Jakku: Goazan Badlands
[add/drop] Pasaana
[add/drop] Admiral Ackbar's Home One Capital Ship
[add/drop] Crait
[add/drop] Mace Windu's Endurance Capital Ship
[add/drop] Snoke's Supremacy Capital Ship
[add/drop] Kijimi
[add/drop] D'Qar
[add/drop] Admiral Trench's The Invincible Capital Ship
[add/drop] Jakku: The Graveyard
[add/drop] Exegol
[add/drop] Batuu
[add/drop] Amilyn Holdo's Raddus Capital Ship
[add/drop] General Kenobi's Negotiator Capital Ship
[add/drop] Takodana
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