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SWBF3 Rebel Alliance Heroes
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12 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Sabine Wren
[add/drop] Cassian Andor
[add/drop] Ezra Bridger
[add/drop] K2-SO
[add/drop] Han Solo
[add/drop] Ahsoka Tano
[add/drop] Enfys Nest
[add/drop] Hermit Grand Master Yoda
[add/drop] Cal Kestis
[add/drop] Hera Syndulla
[add/drop] Luke Skywalker
[add/drop] Chopper
[add/drop] Nightsister Merrin
[add/drop] Admiral Ackbar
[add/drop] Din Djarin "Mando"
[add/drop] Garrazeb "Zeb" Orrelios
[add/drop] Old Ben Kenobi
[add/drop] Chirrut Imwe
[add/drop] Wedge Antilles
[add/drop] Tobias Beckett
[add/drop] Nien Nunb
[add/drop] Jyn Erso
[add/drop] Bo-Katan Kryze
[add/drop] Leia Organa
[add/drop] Baze Malbus
[add/drop] Kanan Jarrus
[add/drop] Chewbacca
[add/drop] Old Captain Rex
[add/drop] Saw Gerrera
[add/drop] Hondo Ohnaka
[add/drop] R2-D2
[add/drop] Lando Calrissian
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