DemoChoice Web Poll: California Treasurer
1 candidate will be elected with 1,052 ballots cast.
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  Claude Parrish, Member, State Board of Equalization (Republican) Bill Lockyer, California Attorney General (Democratic) Marian Smithson, City Treasurer/CPA (Libertarian) E. Noonan, Computer Technician (American Independent) Mehul Thakker, Investment Advisor (Green) Gerald Sanders (Peace and Freedom) None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count364243161141103400526
Transfers from
Gerald Sanders (Peace and Freedom)
  3 29 8 
Round 2 Count36424316414113208522
Transfers from
Mehul Thakker, Investment Advisor (Green)
640496  31 
Round 3 Count3702832131470039507
Transfers from
E. Noonan, Computer Technician (American Independent)
932319   12 
Round 4 Count46330623200051501
Transfers from
Marian Smithson, City Treasurer/CPA (Libertarian)
13675    21 
Round 5 Count599381000072490

Ballots cast: 1052

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