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 DemoChoice Library
Here are some links to valuable information about modern election methods and their proponents.

Mailing lists
These lists offer news and discussion forums that can help you get involved.

  • The stv-voting list discusses ways to promote ranked-ballot full representation methods around the world.
The case for electoral reform
Look at these sites to learn more about the election method used by DemoChoice, its history, why we should use it, and its prospects for expanded use.

Other Software Packages

  • OpaVote by Jeff O'Neill is an online service that tallies according to several different variations on the rules. Small polls can be run for free.
  • ChoicePlus by Voting Solutions - open source (with an ambiguous license) designed for real public elections. Has been used in Cambridge, MA and elsewhere. A limited cheap/free version is also available.
  • RankIt is a project started by FairVote.
  • Blake Cretney's open-source Python IRV script
  • Craig Simon's ChoiceRanker software
  • CIVS uses online ranked ballots, and counts them using the pairwise (Condorcet) method, the bitter rival of instant runoff voting (single-winner single transferable vote), for which listing lower choices hurts the chances of your top choice.
  • by Paul Butler graphically displays results of real-world elections by various counting methods.
  • RCV Universal Tabulator by Jon Moldover, Louis Eisenberg, and Hylton Edingfield
  • David Cary wrote a Javascript tabulator for the Meek single transferable vote counting method.
  • ElectionBuddy is a commercial online voting service with support for ranked-choice voting.
Miscellaneous links
  • Direct Representation - by moving beyond the concept of elections, we can find an even better way to satisfy democratic principles.

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