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US Representatives from North Los Angeles (District 6)
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6 candidates will be elected.
Byron De Lear, Media Producer (Green)
William Paparian, Attorney at Law (Green)
Adam Schiff, United States Representative, 29th District (Democratic)
Cynthia Matthews, Natural Resources Manager (Democratic)
Brad Sherman, United States Congressman/CPA (Democratic)
Diane Watson, Member of Congress, 33rd District (Democratic)
Howard Berman, Member of Congress, United States House of Representatives (Democratic)
Henry Waxman, United States Representative (Democratic)
Elliott Graham, Internet Website Manager (American Independent)
David Jones, Businessman (Republican)
Peter Hankwitz, Producer/Personal Manager (Republican)
David Dreier, United States Representative (Republican)
Stanley Kesselman, Author/Businessman (Republican)
William Bodell, Businessman (Republican)
Ted Brown, Insurance Investigator (Libertarian)
Jim Keller, Educational Media Producer (Libertarian)
Kelley Ross, College Philosophy Instructor (Libertarian)
Adele Cannon, Certified Public Accountant (Peace and Freedom)
Lynda Llamas, Biology Laboratory Manager (Peace and Freedom)
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