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US Representatives from Los Angeles (District 8)
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6 candidates will be elected.
James Smith, Educator/Writer (Peace and Freedom)
Philip Inman, Contractor (Libertarian)
Paul Ireland, Computer Network Analyst (Libertarian)
Herb Peters, Retired Aerospace Engineer (Libertarian)
Dennis Chang, Computer Business Owner (Libertarian)
Mike Binkley, Author (Libertarian)
Brian Gibson, Retired Engineer (Republican)
Tan Nguyen, Businessman (Republican)
Edward Royce, United States Representative, 40th District (Republican)
Dana Rohrabacher, United States Representative, 46th Congressional District (Republican)
Juanita Millender-McDonald, United States Representative (Democratic)
Florice Hoffman, Attorney/Business Owner (Democratic)
Maxine Waters, United States Congresswoman (Democratic)
Loretta Sanchez, United States Representative, 47th District (Democratic)
Jane Harman, U.S. Representative (Democratic)
Jim Brandt, Software Engineer/Educator (Democratic)
Gordon Mego, Engineer (American Independent)
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