DemoChoice Web Poll: California Insurance Commissioner
1 candidate will be elected with 2,570 ballots cast.
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  Steve Poizner, Businessman/Entrepreneur (Republican) Cruz Bustamante, California Lt. Governor (Democratic) Dale Ogden, Actuary/Insurance Consultant (Libertarian) Larry Cafiero, Newspaper Editor (Green) Jay Burden, Student (American Independent) Tom Condit, Writer (Peace and Freedom) None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count67362935935633222101285
Transfers from
Tom Condit, Writer (Peace and Freedom)
 172192  10 
Round 2 Count6736463615483320101280
Transfers from
Jay Burden, Student (American Independent)
256102124  21 
Round 3 Count92965638257200311270
Transfers from
Dale Ogden, Actuary/Insurance Consultant (Libertarian)
29823 48  13 
Round 4 Count1227679062000441263
Transfers from
Larry Cafiero, Newspaper Editor (Green)
75516    29 
Round 5 Count130211950000731249

Ballots cast: 2570

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