DemoChoice Web Poll: 2020 Oakland City Council, District 3
1 candidate will be elected with 30,696 ballots cast.
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  Carroll FifeLynette Gibson McElhaneySeneca ScottMeron SemedarAlexus TaylorFaye TaylorWrite-InNone of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count150469297209620011373720163015348
Transfers from
211332161313 55 
Round 2 Count15067931021282017138673305515321
Transfers from
Faye Taylor
1361051747987  152 
Round 3 Count1520394152302209614730020715245
Transfers from
Alexus Taylor
226272145535   295 
Round 4 Count1542996872447263100050215097

Ballots cast: 30696

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